Theater and opera
Lilian (2020)
12 minutes radio play
comissioned by Warsaw Autumn Festival
Unknown, I live with you (2018)
from 90 minutes to 2 hours – music theater installation
nominated to ‘Onet Olsnienia’ prize
Aria di potenza (2017)
90 minutes music theater
co-creation with “The Airport Society”
Opera for the Unknown Woman (2016)
90 min. – chamber opera
comissioned by “Fuel Theater” London
Requiem for an Icon (2015)
70 min. – chamber opera
comissioned by Polish National Opera
The Container (2010)
60 min. – music theater for soprano and multimedia
comissioned by Rotterdam Opera Days Festival
The Kings’ Gravedigger (2002/6)
50 min. – chamber opera
finalist of ‘Genesis Prize for Opera’
Penderecki's Garden (2021)

Music for short promotional movie
comissioned by Polish Institute Brussels, BE

Sync (2021)

Music for pandemic inspired dance movie “Sync”
comissioned by 31Foundation, NL

Documentary "Waiting for Tereska" (2018)
fragments in the documentary by Kama Veymont
published by National Polish TV
Sun Spot (2013)
6 min. – music video by Zuzanna Solakiewicz
comissioned by Institute of Music and Dance, PL
Amour Tenace (2013)
12 min. music for silent film of Max Linder
comissioned by Opera Marseille, FR
Cinematic performance Quasi Rublev (2006)
60 min. for harpsichord, electronics and film
awarded British Council Grant
Music in 3 Parts (2012)
17 min.– for orchestra and electronics
comissioned by deEreprijs and Ensemble Telemacque
Exophony (2006)

10 min. – for orchestra and electronics
awarded BMW Crash! prize

Soloist(s) & Orchestra
Autumn Concerto (2001)
15 min. – for alto saxophone and orchestra
finalist of Holland Symfonia prize
Gindry (1997)
15min. – for tenor and string orchestra
awarded Adam Didur prize
comissioned for city Den Haag
Den Heart (2017)

4 min. – for tape

Exophony (2006)

12 min. – stereophonic and sextophonic version