New commission for Allison Cook

foto Pierre Debusschere

New commission for cycle of 4 songs for female singer, piano and live electronics will be premiered by soprano Allison Cook on 4th of April 2017.

The standard repertoire of classical song recitals for female singers consists of such pieces as Schumann’s “Frauenliebeund Leben”or Shoenberg’s” Das Buch der Hängede Gärten, Op.  15. The musical language and the thematics of the works are reflecting the realities of the times. The female voice is expressing her emotions in a way that is envisioned from one perspective.

How differently would emotions, topics and lyrics be reflected in the form of modern recital song? I would like to take on this challenge in putting the outmost importance in authenticity and contemporaneity of the message in the song recital form of our times.

 The cycle is commissioned by “De Munt” theater in Brussels.