Aria di potenza

Power arias and divas of the contemporary political stage. An opera-installation inspired by the operatic dimension of political rhetoric.


Crew: Concept & Stage Directions: Krystian Lada / Light Design: Kevin Briard / Soundscape Design: Rutger Muller / Sound Inserts Composition: Katarina Glowicka / Live Electronics Performer: Nina Fukuoka / Make Up & Hair: Sigrid Volders / Dramaturgical Advice: Georg Weiland / Production Coordination: Pim Dinghs / Backstage Coordination: Alison Dujardin

Cast: Lucia Lucas (baritone) / Dubravka Mušovic (mezzo) / Tomasz Raczkiewicz (countertenor) / Alfredo Abbati (pianist) / Pedro Beriso (pianist) / Lydia Dobroumoff (actress) / Cirque Royal—Koninklijk Circus (an abandoned space)

Production: The Airport Society / Co-production: Nuit Blanche (Brussels) / World premiere: October 7, 2017, Cirque Royal—Koninklijk Circus, Brussels