“Sync” is a short movie about synchronicity. Commissioned by Foundation M31 . Premiered during Cine Dans Festival 2021.

Category dancefilm music
Year Composed 2020
Duration 12 minutes
Orchestration string Quartett, voices and electronics

Premiere Cinedans Fest 2021
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Performers: Maarten Krielen, Martin Peñaloza Cecconi, Leena Keizer, Jarek Kruczek, Lilou Robert, Sophia Preidel, Mitchell lee van Rooij, Wibke Storkan, Winnie Dias ,Gino Tauyelbaum

In connecting dancers scattered across the world,  SYNC explores the line between coincidence and compulsion 

Self-shot by a cast of ten dancers scattered across eight countries and seven different time zones, SYNC is a new short film born of a global pandemic.“You think about someone and suddenly they call you. It feels like telepathy. Is that coincidence or is it synchronicity? It always fascinated me and once I started to look for it, I  saw it everywhere,” explained SYNC director Robin Coops.

“From flocks of birds to molecules to musical notes – at certain moments, things just fall into sync. And when I look at the world today, I see how we are all separated by this pandemic and yet simultaneously building a collective memory. That’s the inspiration for SYNC.”

Choreographed by  Pim Veulings , we see the globally disparate dancers of SYNC briefly drawn into synchronicity by a musical score from composer Kasia Głowicka, only to revert to their autonomous individual states as the music recedes.

“For me this is like quantum physics. Thoughts are a physical, chemical thing, so there’s a scientific element, it’s not just mystical. The movie feels physical: it’s about pulsation and vibration, physically separated people being taken over by the same thing,” said Głowicka.

Last year’s coronavirus outbreak derailed plans to shoot SYNC on location in the Netherlands, so the creators pivoted to an agile solution which saw Coops and Vuelings provide remote direction and choreography to dancers as far afield as NYC and Finland. 

“That made it more real, a co-creation. It was brave for them and brave for us,” said Coops.


"What makes the music of Kasia Głowicka special? First of all space. Deep and extensive (…) Seasoned composer – the clear intentions and the feeling for ‘big form’."

Jan Topolski

Musica 21 Magazine

"exacting musical intelligence"

Bernard Clarke

RTE National Radio, Ireland

"brilliant media artists”…”wisely explore the stylistical choke points of a possible junction between classical music, ambient and minimalism"

Vito Camarretta

"her powerful Kyrie made me fight to maintain my composure. (…) I had never heard great new Polish music in Poland before, and I was deeply deeply moved by that experience."

William Anderson

"Her music was praised for its powerful sense of theatre. …excellent music."

Genesis Foundation

"Complex, yet accessible. Very powerful music"

Fuell Theater