Red Sun – for piano and electronics

Red Sun (2014) released by Bôłt records

Internationally acclaimed collaboration with Polish piano star – Malgorzata Walentynowicz.


“the next star from the East” 
Junge Welt, Germany
“a delightful 55-minute drive of enthralling music for piano and computer.”
“Protagonists of piano” – National Spanish Radio, RNE 3
” highly successful crossover of classical and ambient music “
“the purest, most satisfying art often arise from sources that have nothing in common with its origins.” magazine, Austria
” 55 minutes of mind-captivating music for piano and computer.”
Radio Monalisa Concertzender, Netherlands
” exacting musical intelligence “
Bernard Clarke, RTE National Radio, Ireland
” they weave magic with an ear for spatial awareness and ‘Red Sun’ is a peculiar affair that is surprisingly engaging for all its moments of solitude. More often than not the listener is left with a wall of silence and the real beauty is in the anticipation of ghostly apparitions that glide, reverberated through a misty haze…“
“ Clean and precise, the title track is glorious manifestation of sheer ambient bliss and is formulated as the first proper track that you can grasp onto without the teasing that it’s former counterparts did so well; it’s almost like a gift after all the waiting that has come before….”
Blackaudio blog, Tony Young
” Music reach in delicate and subtle ambiences. “ , France
 ” Malgorzata Walentynowicz lets us look into the world of her imagination, and let it be notied, its a wonderful world “
Wesolowski, Gdansk Magazine, Poland
” clearly,  you hear the skills of a seasoned composer – the clear intentions and the feeling for ‘big form’ “
Topolski, Dwutygodnik, Poland
 “It’s a fine work of piano sounds guided by some carefully places glitches, bits of hiss, a processed sine wave and such like. All seven pieces are very careful, atmospheric, moody perhaps at times, all meandering away in a very friendly manner.” “Nice for a rainy day. “
Vital Weekly 936,
”  hallucinatory experience, ranging from soothing to dramatic nervous, from hushed to frantic. The sound of the piano really never fades from view, but fortunately, because that is in all aspects exciting and fascinating. Nicely balanced. “
Arjan van Sorge, ‘Gonzocircus’ magazine, Begium
” A quietly intense narrative”
“work that is multifacted and frequently fascinating.”
Christopher Nosnibor,
” brilliant media artists”…”wisely explore the stylistical choke points of a possible junction between classical music, ambient and minimalism”
Vito Camarretta at

“This album is like indulging yourself in a European city break. You dive headlong into the cultural activities you might passively ignore in your own town: museums, galleries, landmarks, theatres, concert halls, all are visited zealously while you studiously refuse to acknowledge the strengths of your own location.”

“to me, immersing myself in Red Sun is a bit like temporarily being shown an ideal in contemporary music, and then listening with fresh ears to your other records, environment, home, washing machine and so forth.”
“The music in question is meditative, melodic and magisterial, and these beautiful meditations become more strident and forceful as the album progresses. Walentynowicz demonstrates a gentle touch using techniques such as faint delays, lo-fi piano recordings, re-sampling, tasteful dissonance, tone manipulation and drone generation. The first piece, ‘Sun Spot’, starts with an electronic buzz and builds on a three note piano refrain; piano pop like a stop-motion ‘Moments In Love’ by The Art of Noise. Glowicka inserts a well-judged reverse effect at the end. The following piece, ‘Transient’, begins with same electronic buzz and three note piano refrain but then develops the music with field recordings from inside a concrete bunker. ‘Favola’ continues the sonic abstraction of the core elements, this time the piano is played staccato in the high register, while horror film style reverse effects are inlaid.”
“The title track heralds a change in mood. The notes becoming discordant and out-of-phase, as if there were two versions of the piece running simultaneously slightly out of time with each other. One piano is close up in the mix, the other distant. Very pleasant, particularly with the aforementioned tasteful dissonance dialled back in. It occurred to me that this track, ‘Red Sun’, could sit very well in the ECM catalogue. Then follows the two longest pieces on the disc, at 14 and 17 minutes respectively. ‘Retina’ begins with the bare essentials. The technique of one piano close up again as in ‘Red Sun’, the second seemingly far away. Glowicka utilises reversed long piano notes to good effect. “Paul Khimasia Morgan, The Sound Projector Music Magazine

"What makes the music of Kasia Głowicka special? First of all space. Deep and extensive (…) Seasoned composer – the clear intentions and the feeling for ‘big form’."

Jan Topolski

Musica 21 Magazine

"exacting musical intelligence"

Bernard Clarke

RTE National Radio, Ireland

"brilliant media artists”…”wisely explore the stylistical choke points of a possible junction between classical music, ambient and minimalism"

Vito Camarretta

"her powerful Kyrie made me fight to maintain my composure. (…) I had never heard great new Polish music in Poland before, and I was deeply deeply moved by that experience."

William Anderson

"Her music was praised for its powerful sense of theatre. …excellent music."

Genesis Foundation

"Complex, yet accessible. Very powerful music"

Fuell Theater