Cinematic performance Quasi Rublev

Film with live music, for harpsichord and electronics

Commissioned by British Council Northern Ireland. After Tarkovsky “Andrei Rublev”.


Category solo instrument and multimedia
Year Composed 2006 and 2010 extended
Duration 60 Minutes
Orchestration harpsichord, electronics and video
Availability contact composer
Video Mathis Nitschke

“Quasi Rublev” (2006/07) is a 50-minute project created by three artists: Katarina Głowicka, Mathis Nitchke and Gośka Isphording. It was inspired by the films of Tarkovsky’s metaphorical long shots and slow transformation in which the spectator loses his sense of time. It was this particularity from the film “Andrei Rublev” which was the starting point for the project which consists of processed, dark sounds of the harpsichord with electronics and video projections. The project was developed with funding from the Performing Funds Netherland and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.