Glou solo

Kasia Głowicka

With moniker Glou, Glowicka is venturing into the club scene. At the forefront of her musical journey is “Red Sun” an entrancing solo act that beckons audiences into a realm of pulsating beats and transcendent melodies. Glou’s evocative sets, including the mesmerising “Red Sun” and the immersive “Deep Down,” fuse seamlessly with keyboards and pianos, creating a symphony of sound that electrifies the senses. Performances are elevated by custom visuals that dance in harmony with the music, captivating both the ears and the eyes of the audience.



Kasia Glowicka/Jan Willem Troost/Sjaan Flikweert

Comprising the trio of Glowicka herself on electronics, keyboards, and composition, along with the soulful cello prowess of Jan Willem Troost and the captivating spoken artistry of Sjaan Flikweert, this ensemble is poised to make a debut in 2024 on the Dutch stage, with the support of Performing Arts Found. With an innovative blend of voice, multilingual texts, and a tapestry of instruments, Glowicka and her collaborators weave a music that transcends genres – traversing the landscapes of classical, pop, spoken word, and improvisation.


The Airport Society

Kasia Glowicka/Krystian Lada

Glowicka collaborates frequently with Krystian Lada, Antwerp based opera dramaturg and director. “The Airport Society” is his inventive – a cooperative rooted in Antwerp, where opera artists and social entrepreneurs connect their talents and passions. Operating at the crossroads of opera and social engagement, this collective sparks initiatives that challenge conventions. By venturing beyond the confines of traditional opera production paradigms, the society dismantles established power dynamics and resource allocation norms within the field. This endeavor delves into uncharted territories of opera creation, production, and presentation, seeking novel pathways to enrich the art form. Welcome to a realm where opera becomes a catalyst for profound social interaction and meaningful change.


Microinterventions (Educational Research)

Kasia Glowicka/Maritha van Amerom

“Microinterventions,” is a pioneering project made possible through support from The Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) and InHolland University. Glowicka, and a visual artist and psychologist, Maritha van Amerom,  supported by InHolland team, venture into psychology and education. At its heart, “Microinterventions” is more than just a curriculum – it’s a journey towards empathy, self-awareness, and confidence. Drawing upon the profound principles of the arts, this fellowship takes a holistic approach to education, fostering personal growth and societal change. “Microinterventions” is a 3 year project scheduled to conclude in 2026.