Pre- releases


full album release date: 23 October 2022


1. Venice in Amber

Atmospheric, serene piano, strings and synthesisers, slow moving, with electric base adding to the fullness of the sound and building up the piece.

2. Music-box for the lost child

Haunting piano with delicate strings and echos. Cinematic.

3. Questioning at the door

Lonely, atmospheric piano with slow, dark string orchestra and delicate electronics. Cinematic.

4. Polar Pulse

Rhythmical, pulsating electronics and piano. Dramatic.

5. Sand Storm

Cinematic string orchestra with strong pulses on percussion and piano.

6. A night ahead

Slow, solo piano.

7. Deep Down

Pulsating electronic piece, the backbone of which is based on a electronic bass and piano built-up with a meditative atmosphere surrounding. 

8. Deep Down – radio mix

shorter version of Deep Down