L’AMOUR TENACE – music for silent film of Max Linder

 Year Composed  2013
12 Minutes
Orchestration clarinet, accordion, percussion – music for silent film
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Max Linder is the founder of a genre that has forever changed the entire history of cinema. From the early 20th century , he was the first to impose an image of sporting gentleman , courageous and funny which will inspire later Chaplin to invent the vagabond. Quality black and white stilts , depth of field and the rhythmic montage of his films place Linder among the pioneers of art film .

100 years later, ensemble Télémaque pays tribute to the father of Burlesque asking 3 composers to write original music to accompany live episodes filmed in 1912.

Premiere took place as part of program Marseille- Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture .