“Opera Wire” magazine calls “Lilian” a psychological masterwork

Polina Lyapustina calls “Lilian” “…A Psychological Masterwork That Will Leave You Begging for the Single Sound of Music” in her review.

Fragments from the review:

“The refugee crisis is a difficult topic, and so I presumed that pure emotions would become a sure guide in writing this review. But in fact, it took me two weeks to simply explain—first, to myself—how am I going to convince you to listen to this undoubtedly important yet unbearably difficult piece.

The radio play “Lilian,” which I’m not calling an opera, will show you more horrors of reality than you are used to seeing. This piece makes you discover the weakest and the most frightening parts inside of your self even though it says nothing directly about you.”

To read the whole review go to Opera Wire – here is the link to the review.

You can listen to Lilian here: