Red Sun

Album Red Sun

Red Sun

 Głowicka & Walentynowicz 

Red Sun BÔŁT   BR1022 • December 2013  

CD • 6-page. folded insert • ecopack • 55:04
Pieces by Głowicka commisioned by Performing Arts Fund, Netherlands 

Małgorzata Walentynowicz – piano 

Kasia Głowicka – computer 

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What makes the music of Kasia Głowicka special? First of all space. Deep and extensive. As in ambient music. Built by reverbs, echoes and electronics. Against this background - a piano. Flickering , rippling. Cascades of repeating notes and rhythms. As in minimal music . Tonal associations, but with different development. Clear sounds, distorted, appear then re-appear hear and there as whispers and crackles. As in glitch music. But clearly you hear the skills of a seasoned composer - the clear intentions and the feeling for 'big form'. Seven works comprise this concept album - from submerged in the electronic glow of "Sun Spot" (2010) to the monastic "Transient" (2011 ), the shimmering "Favola" (2013) thru to the quietly resounding "Red Sun" (2009), which gives the album its title. Sometimes there is an obsessively repeated note, as in track 5, "Retina" (2009). Sometimes the most important moment is a pause - as in the piece "Presence" (2010) dedicated to the memory of Tomasz Sikorski. All those elements join together to become the original world of music of Kasia Głowicka, here embodied by the piano performance of Małgorzata Walentynowicz . The world of a purposely imperfect beauty.

Jan Topolski

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