Commissioned by Studio Minailo for Rotterdam Opera Days

Category chamber opera
Year Composed 2011
Duration 60 minutes
Orchestration soprano and electronics
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Quotes from review Container by Francois van den Anker Place de l’Opera

Container: an innovative location piece
After the succes of De Cornet last year, director Sjaron Minailo returns to the Operadagen Rotterdam with Container. It takes effort to comprehend this show, but it is certainly worth the effort”

“ A lot is ‘present’ in this performance. Fascinating is Elena Vink who, even in moments when text and stage action are abstract, grabs your attention and doesn’t let you loose. In each phase of the performance, and after each costume change, she slips with great ease from one character to the other.

The music is hard, inescapable. The texts, with repeating fragments, are long and sometimes abstract. It requires all of the viewer’s attention to follow the parralel presence of the actress, the images on the screen and the spound world of the performance.

Interesting, I find to be a good description of my impression of container. And not the ‘interesting’ that prevents you from saying something sensible about a completely incomprehensible work of art. No, “interesting” in the sense of unprecedented, innovative, not immediately understandable, but an experience that is more than worthwhile.”